Helpful Payroll Service for your Business

At Quartermaster Payroll Service in Irvine, California, we understand that you may have reservations about opting for a third-party payroll company instead of doing the job in-house. Companies sometimes think that doing payroll themselves saves money. The total cost of wages and benefits for an in-office employee to do the job can really add up. Being the owner of a small company and trying to do payroll yourself is often more expensive still, because your time is money.
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Less Stress, Increased Productivity

You simply cannot put a price on frustration nor distractions. By hiring our team, you do not have to worry about us calling in sick or wanting to take a vacation. Also, keep in mind that changes in payroll are happening all the time, and your company risks damage if you fail to keep up with legislation.


Resource Pages

Captain's (B)log

 Labor Law Employment Poster

California's Paid Sick Leave Law

Safety and Security

The matter of confidentiality when it comes to payroll is vital. Having Quartermaster Payroll Service process payroll for you deflects potential drama. It is always better to not have documents lying around containing confidential information such as social security numbers and wage information, which can prevent serious problems such as fraud and identity theft.

Honest and Transparent Costs
Quartermaster Payroll Service pricing is based on payroll frequency (such as weekly or semi-monthly) and your number of employees.  Our prices are upfront and consistent, and we never charge confusing hidden fees.
Comparative Prices
You may be wondering how much other payroll companies charge for small businesses, and how their service rates. Recently 10 other national payroll companies were ranked by price, service, and technology. The price per month for a small company of only five employees ranged from $62 to $160.
Save up to Half on Competitors’ Costs
Quartermaster uses software integration that was rated the highest of these companies (10 out of 10). On average, we charge half of our competitors’ fees, and our help and support always tops the charts.


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